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Literacy by Mind Map: Literacy

1. Exposing What is True


1.1.1. "Can you trust every web site?" E-book Discussion Guide

1.2. Provide potential links for research projects

1.2.1. Reliable and accurate

1.2.2. Unrealiable Guide students to identify and eliminate these sources

1.3. Student sharing and evaluating information as a team through wikis

1.3.1. Possibly in both English and students' native languages

1.4. Improve vocabulary to allow for more efficient and effective research

1.4.1. English language games Software iPad apps Sentence Builder Smart board

2. Employ the Information

2.1. Utalize e-books



2.1.3. Aid in comprehension through animated illustrations.

2.1.4. Hear and see vocabulary used in context.

2.2. Introduce the concept of RSS feeds

2.2.1. Use to gather information on a research project.

2.2.2. Use to gather information on learning English and Acculturating.

3. Express Ideas Compellingly

3.1. Research Projects - topic of students' choice

3.1.1. Create a video/podcast

3.1.2. Collaborate to create a wiki

3.2. Share information about native culture

3.2.1. Blog

3.2.2. Create a video/podcast

3.2.3. Develop a multimedia presentation to accompany annual Multicultural Day project

3.3. Texting and e-mailing for real world practice in written communication

3.3.1. E-mail or chat with other English Language Learners across the United States Share strategies for becoming more proficient in English Provide links to helpful web sites Discuss struggles and problem solve

4. Ethics Online


4.1.1. Games

4.1.2. Videos

4.1.3. E-books


4.2.1. Utalize student chat feature for discussion and education on respectful and appropriate communication online.