Publish a Song

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Publish a Song by Mind Map: Publish a Song

1. 9. Shop the song to various venues, movie, video games etc. in order to create licenses for these venues.

2. 2. Once song found negotiate percentage of publishing contract that supports both interested parties.

3. 7. Retain ownership of copyrighted song for the percentage negotiated and retain full ownership in order to sell music.

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4. 1. Find a song by shopping different studios in the NYC tri-state area.


5. 3. Ensure that the original song is copyrighted before negotiations.3. Ensure that the original song is copyrighted before negotiations.

6. 4. If work is copyrighted move on to drawing up contract.

7. 5. If not copyrighted, copyright the work before moving into contact finalization.

8. 6. Create final draft of publisher agreement in the copyright of work.

9. 8. Create a marketing campaign to give the song a chance to create revenue for both the publisher and artist.

10. 10. Retain all types of licensing for the work, print, performance etc.