School to Work Opportunites

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School to Work Opportunites by Mind Map: School to Work Opportunites

1. Goals

1.1. Build a highly skilled workforce

1.2. Ease transition from school to post-school employment

1.3. Partnership between education and business and industry

2. Program Requirements

2.1. Schools-based Learning

2.1.1. Career Counseling

2.1.2. Selection of a Career Major

2.1.3. Program of Study

2.1.4. Integration of Academic and Vocational Education

2.1.5. Evaluation

2.1.6. Secondary/Post-secondary Articulation

2.2. Work-based Learning

2.2.1. Paid or Non-paid Work Experience

2.2.2. Job Training

2.2.3. Workplace Mentoring

2.2.4. Instruction in Workplace Competencies

2.2.5. Instruction in All Aspects of the Industry

2.3. Connecting Activities

2.3.1. Matching Students with Employers

2.3.2. Establishing Liaisons Between Education and Work

2.3.3. Technical Assistance to Schools, Students, and Employers

2.3.4. Assistance to Integrate School-based and Work-based Learning

2.3.5. Encourage Participation of Employers

2.3.6. Job Placement, Continuing Education of Further Training

2.3.7. Collection and Analysis of Post-program Outcomes of Participants

2.3.8. Linkages with Youth Development Activities and Industry

3. Key Components

3.1. Collaborative Partnerships

3.2. Integrated Curriculum

3.3. Technological Advances

3.4. Adaptable Workers

3.5. Comprehensive Career Guidance

3.6. Work-based Learning

3.7. Step-by-step approach