10 Heuristic for Starhub

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10 Heuristic for Starhub by Mind Map: 10 Heuristic for Starhub

1. Consistency & Standards

1.1. Links are consistent and relavant

1.2. Links are all black (word) on grey (button)

1.3. All buttons are rectangular

2. Match Between System & Real World

2.1. Call the helpline to request for help

3. Visibility Of System Status

3.1. Page to sign up for new account doesn't have headers, may lead to confusion for some users

4. User Control & Freedom

4.1. No advertisements or other unnecessary content

5. Error Prevention

5.1. No illustration to guide users

5.2. Only available in English language

6. Help Users Recognize, Diagnose & Recover from Errors

6.1. Offers a "Require Assistance" link to existing users

6.2. Offers a "Forgot Password" link for existing users

7. Aesthetic & Minimalist Design

7.1. All links are in one page, no scrolling needed

7.2. Everything needed to set up an internet service is on the same page

8. Flexibility & Efficiency of Use

8.1. Register for a new account icon is there

8.2. Terms and conditions need to be agreed with first before continuing

9. Help & Documentation

9.1. Visit Support for help services

10. Recognition Rather Than Recall

10.1. Difficult to find link to set up internet service for blackberry

10.2. Does not have its own icon