ESO Grammar

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ESO Grammar by Mind Map: ESO Grammar


1.1. Will

1.1.1. I'll work this summer.

1.1.2. I won't work this summer.

1.1.3. Will you work this summer?

1.2. Going to

1.2.1. I'm going to work this summer.

1.2.2. I'm not going to work this summer.

1.2.3. Are you going to work this summer?

1.3. Present Continous

1.3.1. I'm working this summer.

1.3.2. I'm not working this summer.

1.3.3. Are you working this summer?


2.1. Simple

2.1.1. I worked last summer.

2.1.2. I didn't work last summer.

2.1.3. Did you worked last summer?

2.2. Continous

2.2.1. I was working.

2.2.2. I wasn't working.

2.2.3. Were you working?

2.3. Perfect

2.3.1. I had worked last summer.

2.3.2. I hadn't worked last summer.

2.3.3. Had you worked this summer?

2.4. Used to

2.4.1. I used to work.

2.4.2. I didn't use to work.

2.4.3. Did you use to work?


3.1. Simple

3.1.1. I study english.

3.1.2. I don't study english.

3.1.3. Do you study english?

3.2. Continous

3.2.1. I'm learning english.

3.2.2. I'm not learning english.

3.2.3. Are you learning english?


4.1. Possibily

4.1.1. I may work this summer.

4.1.2. I may not work this summer.

4.1.3. May you work this summer?

4.2. Ability

4.2.1. I'm (not) able to work.

4.2.2. Are you able to work?

4.3. Permission

4.3.1. I'm (not) allowed to go to the party.

4.3.2. Are you allowed to go to the party?


5.1. Perfect

5.1.1. I have worked this summer.

5.1.2. I haven't worked this summer.

5.1.3. Have you worked this summer?

5.2. Perfect continous

5.2.1. I have been working this summer.

5.2.2. I haven't been working this summer.

5.2.3. Have you been working this summer?