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ESO Grammar by Mind Map: ESO Grammar


1.1. Simle

1.1.1. I play volleyball

1.1.2. I don't play volleyball

1.1.3. Do you play volleyball?

1.2. Continuous

1.2.1. I'm dancing ballet

1.2.2. I'm not dancing ballet

1.2.3. Are you dancing ballet?

1.3. Perfect

1.3.1. Simple I have seen that movie many times I have not seen that movie many times Have you seen that movie many times?

1.3.2. Continuous I have been waiting here for two hours I have not been waiting here for two hours Have you been waiting here for two hours?


2.1. Ability

2.1.1. I can ride a horse

2.1.2. I can not ride a horse

2.1.3. Can you ride a horse?

2.2. Possibility

2.2.1. I may study in summer

2.2.2. I may not study in summer

2.2.3. May you study in summer?

2.3. Permission

2.3.1. I could see a movie

2.3.2. I could not see a movie

2.3.3. Could you see a movie?



4.1. Will

4.1.1. I will speak

4.1.2. I will not speak

4.1.3. Will you speak

4.2. Going to

4.2.1. I'm going to travel Italy

4.2.2. I'm not going to travel Italy

4.2.3. Are you going to travel Italy?

4.3. Present Continuous

4.3.1. I'm watching TV

4.3.2. I'm not watching TV

4.3.3. Are you watching TV?


5.1. Prefect

5.1.1. I had studied English

5.1.2. I had not studied Engish

5.1.3. Had you studied English?

5.2. Continuous

5.2.1. I was singing

5.2.2. I was not singing

5.2.3. Were you singing?

5.3. Simple

5.3.1. I called mum

5.3.2. I did not call mum

5.3.3. Did you call mum?

5.4. Used to

5.4.1. I used to watch TV

5.4.2. I didn't used to watch TV

5.4.3. Did you used to watch TV?