10 Heuristics on www.starhub.com

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10 Heuristics on www.starhub.com by Mind Map: 10 Heuristics on www.starhub.com

1. Match Between System & Real World

1.1. Talking to the staff gives a clearer information than surfing the net.

2. Visibility of System Status

2.1. Headers are clearly visible to users to tell them which category they are in.

3. User control & Freedom

3.1. User do not have to login as member to roam around the website.

4. Error Prevention

4.1. The website never put the difference among the different broadband.

4.2. All the links are well separated

5. Consistency & Standards

5.1. Link to mobile broadband brings user straight to the website they are looking for unlike for fibre & cable broadband.

6. Help & Documentation

6.1. Link to support in the website is clearly stated in the website.

7. Help User Recognise, Diagnose, & Recover from Errors

7.1. Choosing the different broadband such as cable and fibre does not direct you straight to the one you chose.

8. Aesthetic & Minimalist Design

8.1. The different headers are clearly stated at the top to allow users to easily notice them.

9. Flexibility & Efficiency of Use

9.1. User is able to know all the different plans in the website like broadband, TV or mobile just by clicking the different categories.

10. Recognition Rather than Recall

10.1. All the different contact numbers of different departments are clearly under the support tab.