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1. Present

1.1. Simple

1.1.1. Afirmative I play

1.1.2. Negative I don't play

1.1.3. Question Do I play?

1.2. Conctinuous

1.2.1. Afirmative She is running

1.2.2. Negative She isn't running

1.2.3. Question Is she running?

1.3. Perfect

1.3.1. Afirmative I have spoken

1.3.2. Negative I haven't spoken

1.3.3. Question Have I spoken?

2. Future

2.1. Will

2.1.1. Afirmative She will play

2.1.2. Negative She won't play

2.1.3. Question Will she play.

2.2. Going to

2.2.1. Afirmative I'm going to play

2.2.2. Negative I am not going to play

2.2.3. Question Am I going to play?

2.3. Present continuous

2.3.1. Afirmative She is be playing.

2.3.2. Negative She isn't be playing.

2.3.3. Question ls she be playing?

3. Modals

3.1. Possibility

3.1.1. Afirmative It may rain this evening.

3.1.2. Negative It mightn't rain this evening.

3.1.3. Question May it rain this evening?

3.2. Permission

3.2.1. Afirmative We could turn on this fire.

3.2.2. Negative We couldn't turn on this fire.

3.2.3. Question Could we this fire on?

3.3. Advice

3.3.1. Afirmative You should eat healthy food.

3.3.2. Negative You shouldn't eat healthy food.

3.3.3. Question Should you eat healthy food?

4. Past

4.1. Simple

4.1.1. Afirmative You called Marta.

4.1.2. Negative You didn't called Mart.

4.1.3. Question Did you called Marta?

4.2. Continuous

4.2.1. Afirmative I was playing.

4.2.2. Negative I wasn't playing.

4.2.3. Question Was I playing?

4.3. Perfect

4.3.1. Afirmative I had played

4.3.2. Negative I hadn't played.

4.3.3. Question Had I played?

4.4. Used to

4.4.1. Afrimative I used to ride a bike.

4.4.2. Negative I didn't use to ride a bike

4.4.3. Question Did I use to ride a bike?