This unit will help you explore Greece and the Greek Culture to learn about where we get some of the things that we use today such as the Architecture and Government set up.

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Greece by Mind Map: Greece

1. Interesting Facts about Greece and the Greeks

1.1. Research information about Greece

1.2. Research information about the Greek Culture

1.3. Present your findings in a different way than your architecture presentation

2. Reading and English/Language Arts

2.1. Read Greek Mythology

2.2. Write your own myth

2.3. Present your myth as a story with illustrations

3. Architecture

3.1. Research the different forms of Architecture

3.2. Be able to identify the different styles of Architecture

3.3. Create a diorama of one style of Architecture

3.4. Present your findings however you choose using what you reviewed about Geometry

4. Math

4.1. Review Geometry Unit

4.1.1. Pythagorean's Theorem

4.1.2. Angles and Lines

4.1.3. Measurement

4.1.4. Shapes

5. Technology

5.1. Visit Mr. Donn's website to investigate and play games about Greece: