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Enlightenment Now The Dissolving Of Self "Powerful Peace" by Mind Map: Enlightenment Now
The Dissolving Of Self
"Powerful Peace"
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Enlightenment Now The Dissolving Of Self "Powerful Peace"

Distractions from Focusing On Egocentric Mind processes (left brain)

Arisings from Meditation

triggering..., loneliness, feeling of isolation / death, inadequacy

guilt at not being present

trying too hard (left brain approach)

Arisings from Life

trauma - implicit feelings

negativity - the mind is continuously creating what it focuses on - we get more of what we focus on (The Law Of Attraction)

neurologically - isolated neurological circuits firing

left-brain (logical) initiated solutions, 1. perspective. Knowing this is only a small part of the brain firing. Even though it might be the loudest!, 2. connection. Bridging isolation through intent and active awareness that these thoughts and feelings co-exist with other positive thoughts, feelings & sensations., 3. acceptance. Not investing more attention and emotional engagement with these circuits. "So this is happening now and it may continue to happen. So what!"

Egocentric processes created by...

1. ...the brains tendency to create polar opposites to aid understanding around safety and danger, useful or not useful

2. ...the brains tendency to classify things as 'me' 'mine' vs 'in the world' 'other' to define what is safe and dangerous, useful or not useful

These tendencies / processes don't need to be as dominant as they tend to be. Increased safety and/or cognitive and emotional development can lead to these processes diminishing as other less critical processes become more dominant

Focus On The Heart (right brain)

being present

noticing the aliveness in the body and at the eyes

noticing the aliveness in matter and existence

sound of silence

relaxing into the stillpoint

everything on top of the pure sound is a mind creation

keep choosing the love

a force of magnetism

Isha facets

the words

eyes closed

attention on heart

open - letting go into innocence / uncertainty / vulnerability

choosing to let go

devoting care and attention to this

Loving response

"Ask you heart to take over your life" -JSP

"I'm Sorry"

"Bless every situation and every feeling" -JSP

actively grateful / "Thank you"

Speak the truth, be real, with the desire to let it go - I

Keeping Faith in the way of the Heart

gratefulness is very helpful with this

Neurological persepctive of dissolving of 'self'

how? via Attention - e.g. the sound of silence

A. a single focusing stimulus providing no information to distinguish between self and world.

B. increased wilful attention ensures an increase in specific sensory information which causes the brain to dampen the neural flow of information to other structures of the brain (ie the orientation area) to avoid overwhelm.

how? via Intention

Higher cognitive processes (e.g. intending to reduce brain stimulation) can reduce stimulation - e.g. like learning to relax or let go. This is a learnt process.

how? via balanced Left/Right Brain Activities - e.g. Isha's facets

Using language formation (left brain) to direct attention to right brain thinking processes (e.g. deeper meaning) reduces the distinction between the left & right hemispheres. e.g. "Praise love for this moment in its perfection"


Self dissolves when there is reduced stimulation to the 'orientation area' of the brain. This area creates the distinction between self (left hemi.) and the world (right hemi.)

When the distinctions between the left and right brains dissolve people experience a sense of realisation. There is a sense of peace and rightness. The mind goes quiet. This creates mental and emotional peace or if on a sustained basis - Unified Consciousness.


Andrew Newberg

Jill Bolte-Taylor