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Chap.2/Chap.3 by Mind Map: Chap.2/Chap.3

1. Domination

1.1. Being Middle Class

1.1.1. Having a servant

1.1.2. Asserting power over another person

1.1.3. Is a "state of mind"

1.1.4. Avoiding manual labor

1.1.5. Also is further from reality

1.2. Trapped low wage workers

1.2.1. Many servants are women Afro-Brazilian

1.2.2. Can't afford to exit lower-class Often uneducated

1.2.3. extreme inequality "know their places"

1.2.4. Usually exploited

1.3. As a factor for each the lower and upper class

1.3.1. Having a servant creates an image

1.3.2. Being a servant keeps you locked into a disadvantage.

2. Race

2.1. Race still creates a reference to class

2.1.1. Whiter denotes a higher class

2.2. Darker skin still associated with slavery

2.3. Different than in the United States

2.3.1. Black jokes and awkward silences are rare

2.3.2. Brazil uses appearance to determine race, not "one drop" rule

2.3.3. Race has several categories-"racial identities"

3. Class

3.1. Reason for poverty in Brazil

3.2. One can move along a spectrum of color if the context of class is appropriate

3.2.1. Look, dress code

3.2.2. Language

3.2.3. Social Manners

3.3. "Money whitens"

4. "Black Cinderellas"

4.1. Mobility based on selling themselves

4.1.1. Ability to attract richer men is empowering

4.1.2. Allows for "ugliness" to become beautiful and seductive