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Chap.6/Chap.7 by Mind Map: Chap.6/Chap.7

1. Sexuality

1.1. Brazil has a vastly different view of sex.

1.1.1. Norms and standards differ flirtations attire body language

1.1.2. "tropical paradise"

1.2. Somewhat varying degree of desire

1.3. Sex can be seen as sometimes love, or obligation

1.4. Second class Afro-Brazilian women become second class sexually too, unable to speak about sex

2. Masculinity

2.1. Plays a large role in the context of sexuality in Brazil

2.1.1. Both in gay and straight relations

2.1.2. Seems to demand sexual interaction among women he is with Maschismo aspect

3. Feminity

3.1. Sexually active women are dangerous

3.1.1. Outside the home

3.1.2. Known for sexual tendencies

4. Sacanagem

4.1. Aggression mixed with Amusement

4.1.1. Good Pleasurable

4.1.2. Bad Embarassing/miserable

5. Laughter brought full-circle

5.1. Black humor can help a situation

5.1.1. Situations have context and must be similar for humor aimed properly, to work

6. Rape as a form of domination

7. Rape being a mix of violence and the sexuality of Brazil