Political Demography

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Political Demography by Mind Map: Political Demography

1. Pronatalist Policies

1.1. Strengthened Socialism

1.1.1. More workers

1.1.2. More spiritual citizenry

1.2. Women as minorities

1.2.1. Poor wages

1.2.2. less employment

1.2.3. low-level jobs

1.2.4. x3 burden raising family working housework

1.3. Created incentives for mothers to produce more children

2. Drop in population

2.1. With decaying lifestyle, more families avoided kids

2.2. Women's role was boosted once more in order to create more pop.

2.3. Sex Education stepped up

2.3.1. Lectures

2.3.2. Check ups

2.3.3. premarital counseling

3. 1985 Antiabortion law

3.1. No parents pay more

3.2. Have to have 5 kids

3.3. Women 45 or older could have abortions

4. Paternalistic State

4.1. Those unwanted kids became orphans

4.1.1. treated badly, if not at all

4.2. More illegal abortions as a way to avoid poverty and more kids

4.2.1. Showed to be the most used method to avoid having children Creates unhealthy, dying and criminals