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Robb Campbell RE/MAX Elite in TN 250 Agents by Mind Map: Robb Campbell  RE/MAX Elite in TN 250 Agents
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Robb Campbell RE/MAX Elite in TN 250 Agents

33 Agents

Most come from warm referral lead from an agent

1 agent

Couple agents

Primary Recruiting Strategy

Uses his agents to spread word of mouth, and bring names to Robb

Robbs agent: "Hey Robb call this agent I had a great closing with another agent and you should call him"

15 of 33 were former RE/MAX agents that came back after leaving a RE/MAX

Enjoy recruiting Teams

If I were to design a perfect recruiting system

First approach

Robb calls warm referral lead and says: "Hey Agent Bob was saying he had a great closing with you, and that you are a great agent, and that you had some questions about RE/MAX"

Questions asked

Greg Vinnola asks "How large is your market?"

Do you always make sure that they pay the pass thru costs - or do you ever float them?

Do you give price breaks for team members?

What is a paperless pipeline?

What do you feel is the number one reason agent join you?

Is there a service or product agents always look for

Do you give your existing agents any compensation for bringing in new recruits (other than team members)?

The agent that came back...what was missing that you provided

Do all these profit centers lease space in your office?

does Rob make any $ with his RE/MAX company (the real estate company vs all the other companies)?

Does RE/MAX Elite have more than one owner - or is Robb the sole owner of all offices?

Do those fees include your pass through fees? Can you tell us your fees for shared offices and private offices?

what if they cannot pay off the cap

Profit Centers (Companies)

Mortage Company

Signs Printing Company

Travel Company (MLM)

Title Company

Homeowners/Health/Life Insurance

Appointment Center

License holding company (referral company)