Codes + Conventions - Trailer

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Codes + Conventions - Trailer by Mind Map: Codes + Conventions - Trailer

1. Billing Block - shows website, twitter and facebook of film as well as production company logos and credits. Some also include a release date or season of the film

2. Rating Information (America) - a green screen shown before the film outlining what the film is rated

3. Director + Producer names - usually shown with the credits "from the makers of" or "award winning director/producer"

4. Production logos of film company

5. Main character introduced - usually early in the trailer and is also credited

6. Tagline Text - Black screen with writing to establish theme of the film

7. Intertitles = plot hints / themes

8. Scenes from throughout the film are shown to give plot hints tot he auduence and advertise the film visually

9. Voiceover - could be done by a voice over or audio from the film without the scene

10. Mood Mask - sets the tone

11. Star Featured - main characters / celebrity cameo

12. Acclaimed actor - if an award winning actor is a character in a film, the trailer would include their awards or nominations

13. Review Quaotations - positive reviews of the film are usually quoted

14. Release date / season - the date or season e.g. "this summer" is shown to inform the audience

15. Title of the film - obviously important in advertising the film and establishing the film with the auduence - usually at the end of the trailer