Mobile Ministry

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Mobile Ministry by Mind Map: Mobile Ministry

1. Participants

1.1. Clyde

1.2. Antoine

1.3. K

1.4. Scott

1.5. Dave

1.6. Calvin

1.7. Doug

2. Co-writing an article

2.1. Awareness piece

2.2. Group authorship and psuedonyms

2.3. Four Parts


3. How Industry Divides the topic

3.1. Where can we learn this?

4. Purposes of Mobile Ministry

4.1. compile what is currently out there

4.1.1. internet.../mobile has plethora of info

4.1.2. see article in VSN's Resource page

4.2. share plans of individual ministries' goal

4.3. synergy and overlap

4.4. Challenge and equip the global church in its use of communication

4.5. identify potential aspects of mobile ministry

4.6. primer on how to get started for new people joining this party

5. facts we know

5.1. 93% of Americans have a cell phone

5.2. 25% of phones are smart phones

5.3. 50% are smart in 18-24 year old?

5.4. % with unlimited texting plans?

5.5. Bedouins are settling near mobile access more than water access

5.6. more people are accessing web through mobile (1.5B) than through computers (1B)

6. Folksonomy of Mobile uses

6.1. (Dave Hackett)

7. Donations

7.1. Red Cross has raised over $10 million from $10 text donations

7.2. MobileCause has two text donation models

8. Texting

8.1. GSFN using Mobile Cause for text2Broadcast

8.2. Scott heard about a text message-length episodic story that was very popular among Japanese commuters.

9. Streaming video

9.1. is streaming 32 short films and discussion questions