Placid (Verb)

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Placid (Verb) by Mind Map: Placid (Verb)

1. Definition

1.1. Not easily upset or excited.

1.2. Calm or peaceful with little movement or activity (especially of a place or stretch of water).

2. Synonym

2.1. tranquil

2.2. undisturbed

2.3. mild

3. Antonym

3.1. excitable

3.2. high-strung

3.3. neurotic

4. Different forms

4.1. Placidly (adv)

4.1.1. Charlie placidly did his homework quietly.

4.2. Placidity (noun)

4.2.1. Placidity, Bob played with his old paper plane.

5. Picture of placid face

5.1. The women is calm, unexcited.

5.2. The face is mild and unneurotic