21st Century Learning

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21st Century Learning by Mind Map: 21st Century Learning

1. Videos

1.1. Karl Fisch: What If?

1.2. Karl Fisch: Did You Know 3.0

1.3. Social Media Technology

2. Websites

2.1. David Houle - futurist

2.2. John Seely Brown - 21st century learning

2.3. Stephen Heppell - learning spaces

3. Classroom Ideas

4. Experts

5. Documents

5.1. Portrait of a 21st century learner

5.2. 20th century education vs 21st century education

5.3. The 7 most powerful idea shifts in learning today

5.4. 5 characteristics of global learning

5.5. The Melbourne Declaration (21st century skills - goal 2)

5.6. Defining 21st century skills

5.7. NMC Horizon Project Shortlist (key ICT trends)

5.8. Our Future World: CSIRO document on globally significant trends