Charlotte's Web

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Charlotte's Web by Mind Map: Charlotte's Web

1. Setting

1.1. Barn on the farm

1.2. County Fair

2. Plot

2.1. Wilbur born as runt pig

2.1.1. Sub Idea 1

2.1.2. Sub Idea 2

2.2. Avery wants to keep Wilbur

2.3. Charlotte creates words out of web to save Wilbur's life

2.4. Wilbur becomes the family's pig

3. Main Events

3.1. Wilbur gets used to his new home

3.2. Wilbur meets Charlotte and begins friendship

3.3. Charlotte works to save Wilbur from becoming Easter dinner

4. Characters

4.1. Charlotte, Wilbur, Fern, Templeton

4.2. Avery, Homer,