10 Nielson's Heuristics

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10 Nielson's Heuristics by Mind Map: 10 Nielson's Heuristics

1. Visibility of system status

1.1. Review tab is aligned together with other categories.

1.2. Pages do not have headers, leading to confusion

2. Recognition rather than recall

2.1. Have icons in order for users to easily recognised

3. Consistency and standards

3.1. All text URLs are in the same color and font

3.2. Headers have good contrast with text colors

4. Match between system and the real world

4.1. No telephone helpline in case the user really needs help guiding through the website

5. Error Prevention

5.1. Some images can be clicked on, some cannot

6. Flexibility and efficiency of use

6.1. A search bar for users searching for specific game reviews

7. Aesthetic and minimalist design

7.1. Much scolling is needed at a comfortable resolution

8. Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors

8.1. Commenting on game review - name of users

8.2. Commenting on game review - a reason for error is given.

9. Help and documentation

9.1. Everything is labelled in the website.

10. User Control and Freedom

10.1. Content/Advertisement confusion