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The London Java Community FAQ by Mind Map: The London Java
Community FAQ
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The London Java Community FAQ

What is the London Java Community?

Community of developers based in London

600+ Members as of September 09

Run through the website

When was it founded?

Founded in November 2007

by Barry Cranford, Java Recruitment Specialist, Latest jobs,,,

Why should I join?

Free Social network

Regular free presentations

Usually evenings

Latest technologies, Within Java

Key industry figures, Technology founders, Chieft architects, Authors

Active mailing list

Regular discussions on various subjects, Technologies and Coding help, Chance to hear opinions from many different angles on key subjects, e.g., Are certifcations worth it, Recruitment issues, CV advice & Interview guidance

Polls on most popular technologies

How do I sign up

Collaborative projects

The JavaSphere,


ClearView IT Recruitment Solutions

Java recruitment specialists,


Premier training company in London,

How do I sign up?