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Facebook Competitions by Mind Map: Facebook Competitions
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Facebook Competitions


Use a Sponsored Story on Facebook.

Use an Advert on Facebook.

Ask FB businesses that you are linked with to post an update about your compeitition.

If it's a big competition, write a Press Release or include in your other advertising avenues

External Websites

Embed the competition on your website

List competition on external sites like ukprizefinder

Post updates to Twitter, Google+, Pinterest


Share your competition with Facebook Friends

Let your email marketing list know too!

Write a Blog Post about it

Share on forums you are active on (stick within T&Cs though!)

Make sure you have a relevant Privacy Policy, T&Cs and Rules in place.

Update your Google Analytics Goals or Clicky Goals to monitor website traffic

Choose the right App

Woobox, Shortstack or Tabsite to name but a few

One that has a URL that supports mobile

Like gate (to capture more fans)

Extra entries for sharing the competition with friends

Stores entrants details for contact and marketing

Your Facebook Page

Remind fans about your competition regularly, not all day everyday! A gentle nudge now and then, Post at different times of the day

Creat a "buzz" a few weeks/days before your competition starts. Post teasers about your prize or keep people guessing.

Competitions you can run