Introducing a Speaker

How to introduce a speaker without spoiling the surpise

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Introducing a Speaker by Mind Map: Introducing a Speaker

1. Dos

1.1. Arouse interest

1.2. Set expectation

1.3. Prepare & hehearse - its a mini speech

1.4. Lead into the speaker's speech

1.5. Leave when the interest peaks

1.6. Make speaker feel empowered/comfortable

2. Connect speaker and audience (I.e. how you two relate to each other)

3. Speaker

3.1. Expertise

3.2. BG info

3.3. Name

4. Subject

4.1. Relevance of the subject

4.1.1. to the audience

4.1.2. current time

5. Timely Relevance

5.1. Link subject to current time

5.2. Set the tone so that call to action easily sold

6. Audience

6.1. Set the mood of the audience (may need to change the residual mood from the preceding talk)

6.2. BG

6.3. Why they are here

7. In a nutshell

7.1. WHY

7.1.1. Setup the scene so that the audience know why they should listen to the speech

7.2. Intro Audience to Speaker

7.3. WHAT

7.3.1. Intro Speaker to Audience

7.3.2. Establish the platform for the subject

7.4. HOW

7.4.1. Structure Act Before speech Lead welcome applause Shake hands Sit down After speech Stand and lead applause on conclusion Words of thanks Brief complement

7.4.2. Donts Take too long Make it about you Deliver the speech