Nielsen's 10 Heuristics for Task: Creating an Account

Rin Ng

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Nielsen's 10 Heuristics for Task: Creating an Account by Mind Map: Nielsen's 10 Heuristics for Task: Creating an Account

1. Poor and unclear navigation

1.1. No "emergency" exit

1.2. User cannot leave unwanted state

1.3. The page does not support the undo or redo function.

1.4. No double confirmation button before user proceeds. User cannot go back to alter information after hitting 'submit'.

2. Error Prevention

2.1. "Sign up" link missing on homepage, located under "Sign in" link instead

2.2. Clear instructions

2.3. No auto-check for wrongly re-entered password

3. Recognition Rather Than Recall

3.1. Does not remember the passwords entered

3.2. Instructions are fixed, they do not have to be memorized

4. Aesthetic & Minimalist Design

4.1. Did not contain irrelevant information

4.2. Very neat, aethetically pleasant

5. Flexibility & Efficiency of Use

5.1. Tick-box option to subscribe to special ticket deals, exclusive presales, etc, is just below

6. Match Between System & Real World

6.1. No real-world relevance

6.1.1. Absence of icons

7. Visibility of System Status

7.1. Fussy

7.1.1. User will not know what is going wrong in the process of creating an account. System does not automatically check for possible errors when re-entering the password No indications was given to inform the user on whether he had re-entered the correct password during the process. There is no bars or indication to show whether password is weak, alright,strong or not allowed.

7.1.2. User has to submit the entire information before he can know what has been keyed in wrongly. Indications for errors were only given after the submission of the information.

7.2. Clear Indications

7.2.1. There was a feedback message after actions were performed. Errors were bold in red to allow user to know which part has been wrongly filled in.

8. Consistency & Standards

8.1. Ticketmaster logo's behaviour is not consistent

8.2. The main menu links do not appear at the top-right hand corner anymore when user creates an account

8.3. The page cannot be linked back to the homepage unless by clicking the 'back' button on browser

8.4. Process links are in buttons

8.5. Some links are buttons, some are in text

8.6. Same color for buttons

8.7. Text url links are blue

8.8. Instructions are all in bold

8.9. Font size are kept same

9. User Control & Freedom

10. Help Users Recognise, Diagnose, & Recover from Errors

10.1. System indicates error and messages in plain language

10.1.1. Error messages are short, bold, and highlighted in red

11. Help & Documentation

11.1. The 'Help' link is not located on the Create Account page.