Copy of Kids Business Blueprint

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Copy of Kids Business Blueprint by Mind Map: Copy of Kids Business Blueprint

1. Plan

1.1. Goals

1.1.1. $100 in sales by July 5th morning

1.2. Rules

1.2.1. $100 in "credits" to use for promotions and creation

1.3. Everything here is optional - it's up to you!

2. Research

2.1. Who else is selling to parents?

2.1.1. What are their main benefits?

2.1.2. What are their price points?

2.2. Example Sites to look at selling 'ebooks'

2.3. Marketplace: Engaged or entrepreneurial parents with kids 6-12

2.4. Zip file:

2.4.1. Previous blueprint and instructor notes

2.4.2. Instant Sales letter templates

3. Product

3.1. Mindmap what the package is

3.1.1. Recording of Yanik presenting to kids about business Instructor notes

3.1.2. Sample blueprints for different events

3.1.3. Resources to buy products

3.1.4. What else would make it cool?

3.1.5. Price point? ($12.95? $14.95? $19.95? More/Less?)

3.2. Getting it Ready to Sell

3.2.1. record presentation morning #1

3.2.2. Capture bullets from Yanik's morning session

3.2.3. Pictures of kids from 4th of July

4. Selling

4.1. Paid

4.1.1. Google Adwords

4.1.2. Facebook advertising

4.2. Free

4.2.1. Social Media

4.2.2. PR

5. Site

5.1. Page

5.1.1. Theme of site selected (Word Press)

5.1.2. Payment processing

5.1.3. Sales Copy Develop 25 headlines Bullets Use Instant Sales Letters templates for help

5.1.4. Download page created