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Input/Output by Mind Map: Input/Output

1. Output devices are used to display the information that was input into the computer.

1.1. Speakers are one type of output device that can be used in a classroom setting. Speakers can be used to play songs for students to dance to or that teach them about counting or their ABC's. A challenge to using speakers is that they can cause rowdiness and there are often speakers that are not very clear.

1.2. A projector is another type of output device that can be used in the classroom. This can be used along with a SMART Board to present a Power Point presentation or a math game on angles. A challenge when using one of these devices is that it can sometimes not present the presentation very clearly or students could find the presentation boring.

2. Input devices are connected to computers in order to give instructions to the computer.

2.1. One type of input device is the digital camera. A digital camera can be used in the classroom to put together an All About "2nd Grade" Magazine in which students take pictures with the camera and then upload them into the computer.

2.2. Another great input device to use in the classroom is a video/web camera. This can be used to create/record a news broadcast, an educational music video, or the camera can be used to interact with students in different countries. A challenge to including this device in the classroom would be that it can be abused by students if they are not properly supervised.