Box Solar Cooker

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Box Solar Cooker by Mind Map: Box Solar Cooker

1. Project Infomation

1.1. Solar cooker

1.1.1. A device which uses the energy of direct sunlight to heat,cook or pasteurize food or drink.

1.1.2. The vast majority of it in use are cheap,.low technology devices.

1.1.3. Non profit organizations are promoting their use worldwide due to the zero cost and no need of fuel

1.1.4. A form of outdoor cooking,often used in situations where minimal fuel consumption is important.

1.1.5. Chances of a fire is rare due to the lack of fuel

1.1.6. Commonly used by poor people when there is a lack or fuel

1.1.7. Very effective in places where there are strong sunlight

2. Hypothesis

2.1. Project Start

2.1.1. Project specifications

2.1.2. End User requirements

2.1.3. Action points sign-off

2.2. Development Stage 1

2.2.1. Define actions as necessary

2.3. As the brightness of the sunlight increases, the effectiveness of the solar cooker increases

2.4. Development Stage 2

3. Procedures

3.1. Define Project Schedule

3.1.1. Dependencies

3.1.2. Milestones

3.2. Limitations

3.2.1. Schedule

3.2.2. Budget

3.3. Define Project Development Measurement

3.3.1. KPI's

3.4. 1.Paint the cardboard box, leave it to dry.

3.5. 2.Cover the flaps of the cardboard with aluminium foil.

3.6. 3.Poke the holes of the for the balancer to be put into.

3.7. 4.Tape the steamer rack to the box.

4. Research

4.1. Reflector solar cooker

4.2. Radiator solar cooker

4.3. Parabolic solar cooker

4.4. Box solar cooker

4.4.1. transparent glass or plastic top

4.4.2. additional reflectors to concentrate sunlight

4.4.3. 1 or more reflectors of shiny metal or foil-lined material positioned to bounce extra light in the box

4.4.4. Dark colored inner bottom of cooker

4.4.5. Reflective inside walls to reduce radiative heat loss

4.4.6. Insulated sides

4.4.7. Bottom trays darkened with black spray paint

5. Problems We Face

5.1. Selection of Topic

5.1.1. Difficulty understanding the topic.

5.1.2. Difficulty of doing the final product.

5.1.3. Having different opinions between members.

5.1.4. The time taken for the whole project.

5.2. Research

5.2.1. Difficulty finding information , video and links ,which are useful for the project.

5.2.2. Difficulty collecting research, done by the members , together to create the website.

5.3. Brainstorming

5.3.1. Having different ideas of the final product.

5.3.2. Having variation of choices or materials to complete the final work. Choosing the right materials.

5.4. Formulating hypothesis

5.4.1. Understanding the main topic.

5.4.2. Figuring out the Dependent Variable , Independent Variable and the variable that stay constant.

5.5. Prototype

5.5.1. Combining the different materials together to form the last work.

5.5.2. The outlook of the solar cooker.

6. Materials needed

6.1. -Aluminium foil

6.2. -Cardboard box

6.3. -Steamer rack

6.4. -Black cloth tape

6.5. -Scissors

6.6. -Needle and string

6.7. -Spray paint

6.8. -Ribbon