Land Supply

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Land Supply by Mind Map: Land Supply

1. Land as a scarce resource -Land is important resource because it enables us to meet our basic needs for food and shelter.

1.1. Land provide us crops,building houses and roads and setting up industries.

2. When there is a scarcity of land or shortage of land, it refers to land constraint which that there is a limit of land available left on earth.

2.1. What causes land constraint? -Population growth -Increasing demand for housing -Growth of industries -Development of transport systems -Increasing demand for arable land -Increasing demand for recreational spaces

3. In order to prevent land constraint from happening,actions should be taken: -Increase the price of land -Increase the supply of land -Land reclaimation -Building high rise buildings

4. By increasing the price of land,less people will have the money to afford the piece of land therefore decreasing the number of people wanting to buy land.

4.1. Increasing the supply of land consist of land clearance ,land reclaimation and maximising the use of existing land.

4.2. High rise building are common nowadays in urban cities.They are constructed to fit in more people in the building and safe more precious space.Although the higher the building is, the more expensive but it is the best way to save all the precious space rather than wasting them.

4.3. Buying large amounts of sand from other big countries like Indonesia for expanding and making more land.This usually cost a large sum of money in order to purchase it.

5. Excessive land reclaimation could cause wild life to disappear. When clearing away trees and forests, it would result in destroying the habitats home and end up them living in the streets.

5.1. By conserving land for habitats could save them.Nature reserves for an example is a must to keep conserve because of its rich habitats, this is to protect its wildlife,plants and other natural features and to provide special opportunities for study and research.