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How To Find Software by Mind Map: How To Find Software
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How To Find Software

Beta Programme Websites

The Betanews website lists loads of beta test programmes to get involved in.

Another site listing new programs ready for beta testing.

This page, on the excellent shareware marketing resources site has a list of beta testing sites

If you want to test games then this is the place to visit


This company offers to manage beta testing for software developers and will put you in touch with companies looking for beta testers. They have a hosted beta community programme.

BetaSphere will put you in touch with companies looking for beta testers.

Commercial Programmes

Check websites of companies you respect


Get invited

download the software try it report defects professionally mention that you would be happy to help test future releases


How to become a microsoft Beta Tester

an article about how to become a microsoft beta tester

Google search

This always pops up interesting stuff

Debugging by testing Article

The analysis by Forrest Cavalier is silent on how open source testing is better than closed source testing. He mentions a number of "reduction factors" which apply to bazaar (open source) testing, but these same factors (and more) also apply to cathedral (closed source) testing.

Effective Beta Testing Essay

essay on beta testing might  be useful

Beta Testing For Better Software

A book on beta testing to help companies conduct their beta testing programmes better.

Atriarch Instructions to Beta Testers

What one company wants from their beta testers.

Open Source


Loads of new software listed every day for you to help test.


Open source software ready to beta test.


GNU software homepage