I Am Legend - Reflection 1

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I Am Legend - Reflection 1 by Mind Map: I Am Legend - Reflection 1

1. Summary

1.1. a, What happened when vampires come.

1.1.1. Establish checkpoints

1.1.2. Acquire team resources for stage

1.1.3. Conduct stage kick-off meeting

1.2. b. Rob's trip around town.

1.2.1. Determine Frequency of Meetings

1.2.2. Schedule Meetings

1.2.3. Brief Project Board

1.2.4. Prepare Meetings

1.2.5. Conduct Meetings

1.2.6. Follow-up Meeting

1.3. c. Rob goes to the commentary.

1.3.1. Schedule Quality Review Meeting

1.3.2. Prepare for Quality Review Meeting

1.3.3. Conduct Quality Review Meeting

1.3.4. Follow-up Quality Review Meeting

2. Opening paragraph, main ideas

2.1. a. Robert Neville, main character

2.1.1. Recruit Project Sponsor

2.1.2. Recruit Project Manager

2.1.3. Review Related Projects and Lessons Learned

2.1.4. Prepare Project Initiation Plan

2.1.5. Brief the Initial Project Team

2.1.6. Review Project Kick-off Plans and Presentation Map

2.1.7. Hold Project Kick-off Meeting

2.2. b. Robert's routine

2.2.1. Establish Project Objective

2.2.2. Establish Project Scope

2.2.3. Map Requirements

2.2.4. Map Solution

2.2.5. Map Training Requirement

2.2.6. Review Project Scope

2.3. c. the vampires

2.3.1. Determine Project Approach, Stages and Steps

2.3.2. Estimate Project Duration

2.3.3. Establish Resource Requirements

2.3.4. Prepare Project Schedule and Budget

2.3.5. Prepare Work breakdown structure

2.3.6. Document Success Criteria

2.3.7. Review Project Schedule

3. Important ideas that stood out to me.

3.1. a. Rob's wife's name is Virginia.

3.1.1. Prepare Product Evaluation

3.1.2. Conduct Product Evaluation

3.1.3. Initiate Maintenance Process

3.2. b. Rob is psycho.

3.2.1. Prepare for Project Closure Meeting

3.2.2. Conduct Project Closure Meeting

3.2.3. Follow Up Project Closure Meeting

3.3. c. Women vampires are seductive.

3.3.1. Prepare Project Review

3.3.2. Conduct Project Review

3.3.3. Implement Process Improvement

3.4. d. Ben Cortman.

4. Prompt #10 - Write a brief summary or review of the section. What happened? Capture what it is about the book that stands out (or does not stand out).