Get to the Point

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Get to the Point by Mind Map: Get to the Point

1. Purpose

1.1. General

1.1.1. Persuade

1.1.2. Inform

1.1.3. Entertain

1.1.4. Inspire

1.2. Specific

1.2.1. Founded on the General Purpose

1.2.2. Is it a SMART goal?

1.2.3. Audience transformation Call to action? Change in understanding?

1.3. Ensure audience is clear

1.3.1. Reveal it upfront

1.3.2. Use aids such as stories/pictures/etc to ensure audiences get the purpose only when this is clear they will look for evidence in the "body" to accept or reject it

2. Make the case

2.1. Points

2.1.1. Relevance & high correlation

2.1.2. Collectively stack up

2.1.3. Passes "beyond reasonable doubtfulness"

2.1.4. Passes "beyond reasonable doubtfulness"

2.1.5. Passes "beyond reasonable doubtfulness"

2.2. Back it up with evidence/facts

2.2.1. Will the audience accept the premise of the evidence?

3. Structure (click -> for detail)

3.1. Beginning

3.1.1. Clarity of the purpose

3.2. Body

3.2.1. Make the case

3.3. Conclusion

3.3.1. Reinforce the big idea

3.3.2. Call to action