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OIOpublisher v3 (1st draft) by Mind Map: OIOpublisher v3 (1st draft)
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OIOpublisher v3 (1st draft)

Ad output

php / javascript

over-ride admin default settings

option to output ad data via API

static file cache

memcache / xcache / eaccelerator plugins


php5 (OO design, HMVC)

overload any code / pluggable core code

translate to any language

custom framework (to be open sourced)


shopping cart interface

cpc / cpm / fixed rate pricing

discount coupons

allow html submissions

turn off stats for individual ads

Wordpress theme integration

screenshots to accompany ad descriptions

url redirect after successful purchase


allow registration

edit current ad campaigns

view / export stats, including graphs

email updates when slots are available

email timeline (eg. 1 day before expiry)



Ad Templates

Ad Management

Zone Management

User Management



json / xml data feeds

get advertiser, ad, zone, stats and payment data

"push" connectivity to other applications

Extension Ideas

These are other ideas that may be good candidates for "addon" functionality later on.

peel ads / full page ads (popups)

email advertising

twitter advertisements

let people rate ads / feedback

WPMU specific extension

advertiser loyalty discounts

one time purchase offer / discount

stats widget (traffic overview)

ajax requests to edit data (no page refresh)

allow 3rd party publishers (ie. ad network