Sheena Iyengar: The art of choosing

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Sheena Iyengar: The art of choosing by Mind Map: Sheena Iyengar: The art of choosing

1. Factors influencing the choice of

1.1. who to believe

1.1.1. Me - well, if the choice I made myself

1.1.2. expert - who knows better than me

1.1.3. friend - who treated me well and who can be trusted

1.2. to choose from

1.2.1. variety

1.2.2. absence of choice

1.3. responsible choice

1.3.1. I'm guilty

1.3.2. the other is to blame

1.3.3. conditions

1.4. value of the option

1.4.1. one goal

1.4.2. several target

2. types of choicer

2.1. absence of choice

2.1.1. rely on their own opinions

2.1.2. prefer the monotony do not see the differences, but the main thing take the first option trial and error method

2.1.3. blame themselves for the failure

2.1.4. rely on their own opinions

2.1.5. make a decision quickly

2.2. wide selection

2.2.1. looking for options pay attention to details are making the right decision at the planning stage

2.2.2. spend time and energy on making a decision

2.2.3. rely on the opinion of others

2.2.4. If that fails, blame others

3. species selection

3.1. no choice

3.1.1. - little choice - not a lot to choose may not be suitable embodiment ability to control the selection of

3.1.2. + quickly without spending time and effort absence of contradictions and doubts

3.2. excess selection

3.2.1. - requires a lot of time and effort doubts and contradictions

3.2.2. + irresponsibility opportunity naytti optimal solution

4. management of the selection process

4.1. be able to choose

4.1.1. dial options

4.1.2. select option

4.1.3. implement the selected

4.1.4. correct choice

4.2. choose the correct method of choice

4.2.1. quicker simple

4.2.2. long complex