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Python Resources by Mind Map: Python Resources
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Python Resources


Mark Clarkson's Python Book

Python Notes

Python Server Side for VLE

Python Beginners guide


Code Boom's Zero to Hero Resources


Basic Python challenges


Mark Haughton's Python for IOS 3

Python Video Help Files

Jonathan Chippindall Upper KS2 Python resource


Invent with Python

Promo Vids for Games that use Python


Outside school

Lego and Raspberry Pi + Python

Python API


Free Python Books Onine

For Adults

Building Skills in Python

A byte of Python

Data Structures and Algorithms in Python

Dive into Python

Django fo Python

How to thinkl ike a computer scientist,

Natural Language Processing with Python

Thinking in Python

Multimedia and Python (Advanced), Video of the author Mark Guzdial

For Children

Learn to program by making computer games for Python

Python Bibliotecha

Python for Fun

Snake Wrangling for Kids

Invent with Python - Games

Learn Python the hard way

Video Tutorials

Raspberry Pi Playlist

Python Emulator/ in browser tools

This is an emulator for quite a few languages online - here they are

Installation of PIP on Mac OS

Good commercial Books

Coding Club Python Books - Chris Roffey

Nice Simple HTML Page for reference

Cross Curricular

KS3 - All Greenfoot examples but could easily be adapted

KS3 - All Greenfoot examples by Neil Brown @twistedsq but could easily be adapted

pi Cubed

Weekly python tutorials for Raspberry Pi

Tutorial from a novice viewpoint

MineCraft Filters