Booking a Flight

Hia Ron
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Booking a Flight by Mind Map: Booking a Flight

1. match between system and the real world

1.1. information provided follows an orderly sequence

1.2. no complex airline jargon text is simple and understandable

2. aesthetic and minimalist design

2.1. information for booking a flight is kept short and important links are made visible enough for users to notice

3. help users recognize, diagnose and recover from errors

3.1. does not help users recover from crash

3.2. informs user when errors occur

4. visibility of system status

4.1. the affordable flights are shown to the user first

5. user control and freedom

5.1. when users accidentally access another link they are able to return to the previous page without a problem

5.2. if users make an error in submitting their information they will have to re-type everything all over again.

6. error prevention

6.1. crashes constantly especially when finalizing booking plans for flight

7. flexibility and efficiency of use

7.1. when booking a flight user is allowed to alter and manage his options

8. recognition rather than recall

8.1. icons important for booking of flight will be visible and highlighted

9. consistency and standards

9.1. details of booking the flight are a easily understandable

9.2. no complex words and unnecessary information

10. help and documentation

10.1. there are too many words when looking for help user's get easily confused and lose interest in booking the flight