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5 Autism Teams Networking by Mind Map: 5 Autism Teams
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5 Autism Teams Networking

Where do you network?

Roanoke:Phone, Schools, homes, Community, offices, on-line, restaurants, conferences, travel, unlimited

Patrick: Stores, Churches, Schools, All Community functions/events/areas Community College

Wise: School, Planning Mtgs., Trainings, Workshops, Conferences (Hotel and Car), traveling, emailing, phoning, meals (restaurants and drive thru, VA locally and throughout the State

Carroll: School, website, online, community meetings, email, everywhere

Floyd: Conferences, Team Meetings, Centers, private schools

When do you network?


-In our daily lives -Community -Schools -SEAC Meetings


-Team Meetings 2X's Mo. -Presentations/Workshops -School Day -At dinner -Traveling -Hotel Room


-County-Wide Meeting -Walmart -Churches -Fire Station -Crossroads -Mt. Rogers -School's Staff Developement


-As needed -Monthly Meetings -At Workshops


-Team Meetings 2X's Mo. -As needed -Workshops -Daily -Constantly

How do you network?

Roanoke:Email, phones, face-to-face, professional organizations, continued education

Patrick:Email, Face to face information packets, library, telephone, consultation forms, Radio and media

Wise: Email, face to face, meetings, brochures, T.V., Presentations, participation

Carroll:Website, email, face to face, newspaper, brochure, interdepartmental mail, faculty meetings, phone

Floyd: Email, phones in person, meetings

Who do you currently network with?

Roanoke: Staff, Parents, BRAC, T/TAC, Medical Community, GRVAAG, police

Patrick: SEAC, Director of Spec.Ed., Principals, Dept. Heads, Teachers, Medical and Dental Professionals, Church, Other counties

Wise:Team Members, OT/PT, Spec.Ed. Coordinator, T/TAC DOE, students, agencies, psychologists, parents, teachers, physicians, lawyers, nurses, T.V., email, administrators (county and school)

Carroll: Social Services, Mt. Rogers, Schools-principal, Fire Dept., Emergency Workers, Special Ed., T/TAC, Tri Area Health Clinic


Who we work with? T/TAC, Radford University, BRAC, Parents

Who could we work with? Other teams, Community, Local Businesses, Doctors