Tasks for First Day of Class

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Tasks for First Day of Class by Mind Map: Tasks for First Day of Class

1. For this next task, it is your job to find eight people and create a team. Once you have your team, come to me to get a Scavenger Hunt. Each team will have 30 minutes to try and find everything on the list. You have permission to look in the school and out on the football field. Please walk quietly through halls and don't interrupt other classes in session. The team with the most items found wins!

1.1. Turn in the list to me

1.2. Bring the items or take a picture if that is more practical

2. Introduction

2.1. Write a little about yourself

2.2. Find 5 pictures that describe you

3. Meet and Greet

3.1. Introduce yourself to 10 people in the class

3.2. Find at least 5 people who have a similar interest as you

3.2.1. Sub task

3.2.2. Sub task

3.2.3. Sub task

4. Interest Survey

4.1. Choose two surveys from the attached link.

4.2. Please fill them out so I can learn more about yourself and feel free to ask me any questions as well.

4.2.1. Sub task

4.2.2. Sub task

4.2.3. Sub task

5. HOMEWORK: Please go home and brainstorm things you would like to learn about in class or certain activities you would like to do. This will help me to learn a little bit about the class and find some interesting activities. It can be about any subject or interest you like.

5.1. Write on paper

5.1.1. Sub task

5.1.2. Sub task

5.1.3. Sub task

5.2. Bring to class tomorrow!

5.2.1. Sub task

5.2.2. Sub task

5.2.3. Sub task