4th Grade Geology ROCKS!

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4th Grade Geology ROCKS! by Mind Map: 4th Grade Geology ROCKS!

1. Analysis

1.1. Identify the minerals that make up a rock

1.1.1. Dichotomous Key Practice

1.1.2. Mystery Rock Descriptions

1.1.3. Geology.com/Rocks Investigation

2. Evaluation

2.1. Explain with examples how waves, wind, water, and ice reshape the Earth's surface

2.1.1. Animoto Slide Show

2.1.2. BrainPop Game, Activitiy, and Quiz

2.2. Derive a solution to an erosion issue at your school or in your community

2.2.1. Take Action on Erosion

3. Synthesis

3.1. Summarize the process of changing between igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks

3.1.1. Crayon Rock Activity Reflection

4. Knowledge

4.1. Name the 3 types of rocks

4.1.1. Bill Nye Video/Rock Odyssey Video Comprehension Survey via SurveyMonkey.com

4.1.2. Rock Cycle Glog Poster

4.2. Use appropriate vocabulary to describe characteristics of a rock or mineral

4.2.1. Mystery Rock Blog Posts

4.2.2. Vocabulary E-Book (made on iBook Author)

5. Comprehension

5.1. Explain difference between a "rock" and a "mineral"

5.1.1. Bill Nye Video/Rock Odyssey Video Survey

5.1.2. Mystery Rock Descriptions

5.2. Define igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks

5.2.1. Bill Nye Video/Rock Odyssey Video Survey

5.2.2. Rock Cycle Glog Poster

5.2.3. Crayon Rock Demonstration

6. Application

6.1. Predict rock and mineral types based on visual characteristics

6.1.1. Peer Review of Mystery Rock Descriptions

6.1.2. Dichotomous Key Practice

6.2. Use a dichotomous key to determine rock type

6.2.1. Dichotomous Key Practice

6.2.2. Mystery Rock Description