My Conceptual Development: LIBE 477

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My Conceptual Development: LIBE 477 by Mind Map: My Conceptual Development: LIBE 477

1. Social media as a vehicle to foster positive change within the community, environment, etc

1.1. sharing your Save the Animals website with students at another school - gettine their support as well

1.2. tweeting while you are on a fieldtrip

1.2.1. taking photos of native plants and animals and using online databases to identify them right then and there. instagramming, hashtagging, tweeting the results/learnings

2. Community Building

2.1. online

2.2. classroom

2.3. face to face VS via technology

2.3.1. the importance of human interactions

2.4. older students teaching younger students about apps/online resources etc - a new look at buddy time

3. Information Overload

3.1. thirsty anyone? (love this)

3.2. sheer enormity of choices out there - for online learning and communicating.

3.3. how does one select the best resource for the job?

3.3.1. collaborating/discussing with peers/colleagues/students

3.3.2. trial and error - trying them out ourselves

4. What are we forgetting?

4.1. the importance of time outside

4.1.1. screen time VS green time how can they be combined/balanced the most effectively?

4.2. community building with nature

4.2.1. there is so much to be learned from the First Nations' traditional ways of life

4.3. sad but true...who gives a darn about twitter and pearl tree when humans have rendered Earth unlivable?

4.4. teaching students how to come together for a better tomorrow

5. Learning Curve

5.1. steep...

5.2. learning with others makes it more fun and a lot easier

5.3. so rewarding to learn something new and feel successful at it - thanks mindmeister!

6. Why School?

6.1. trying to change something that has been the same for so long is not easy - that doesn't mean it shouldn't be done

6.2. "discover, don't deliver the curriculum"

6.2.1. San Diego Bay: A Call for Conservation - the name of the book Will Richardson sites as having come out of a student led discovery of the curriculum - about our place in nature and future implacations of this.

6.2.2. the book:

6.3. not everyone learns in the same way (we know this!) yet for the most part everyone is taught in the same way. some very smart people just simply do not excell in a school setting. didn't Einstein fail math or something?