Possible Career Paths

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Possible Career Paths by Mind Map: Possible Career Paths

1. Teacher

1.1. Pros: I would get the summer and major holidays off. I would be able to teach something that I enjoy doing. I'd get the chance to make a difference in the student's life. I would have the opportunity to further my education.

1.2. Cons: There would be a lot of grading and long hours involved. There may be students that I do not get along with.

2. Architect

2.1. Good pay, interesting job

2.2. long hours, a lot of education needed

3. Business Owner

3.1. Pros: I would be my own boss and have full control.

3.2. Cons: long hours, potential failure

4. Engineer

4.1. good pay, in demand job, would be interesting

4.2. could include long hours, requires a lot of education

5. Statistician

5.1. Pros: would be interesting, in demand job, great pay

5.2. Cons: may be boring at times, long hours, work primarily alone