I feel here is a huge change going on. What trends and things are part of this change?

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wikidemarit by Mind Map: wikidemarit

1. collective intelligence

2. politics

2.1. open politics

2.1.1. free software movement

2.1.2. open content movement

2.1.3. open decision making methods

2.1.4. whats the relation to open source politics? how do these differ participatory democracy deliberative democracy e-democracy netroots

2.1.5. open politics aims to enable the casual user, critic, journalist, voter to examine and dissect positions taken by advocates and candidates

2.1.6. exploits mass peer review in ways that may resemble open source software, open content and reality game shows

2.2. wikidemocracy

2.2.1. undefined

2.2.2. computerised internetised

2.2.3. wikiparty wine and apples political broilers? not if broiler means a young politician trying to battle his way up the party ladder open doors not your normal party with juridicial structure

2.2.4. egalitarian? whats this? literally demo-cratic

2.3. not like this

2.3.1. old democracy campaings, balloons and banners representatives political broilers coffee and buns closed doors old farts enabling advocates or candidates big money actual meritocracy

3. ontology?

3.1. complexity

3.2. emergence

3.3. networktheory

4. Creative commons

5. Linux

6. copy left

7. free culture

7.1. Lessig

8. pro am-revolution

8.1. fixed gear bicycles

8.2. amateur astronomy

8.3. gramee bank

9. Online journalism

10. centralized -> decentralized?

11. open source

12. economic

12.1. crowdsourcing

12.2. wikinomics

13. wikipedia

14. user innovation

15. modularity

16. open innovation

17. participation is 'open', everyone can join?

17.1. open = decentralized = distributed = bottom-up

17.2. closed = centralized = hierarcial = top-down

18. Blogosphere

19. scientific approaches

19.1. kognitive sciences

19.1.1. distributed koginition