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Blogging? by Mind Map: Blogging?

1. Classroom Blogs

1.1. Student Contributions

1.1.1. book reviews/reports different ways to present knowledge of books

1.1.2. popular book lists what are the most popular books in the classroom

1.1.3. classroom recommendations recommendations from class to whole school

2. primary classrom

2.1. connecting with parents

2.1.1. give info about what is happening in classroom

2.1.2. parents comments and ask questions

2.2. social media

2.3. students commenting on each others work

2.4. how to make it interactive

2.5. which platform to use?

2.6. can we post student work / pics on the internet?

3. High school classroom website

3.1. how to make it collaborative and interactive

3.2. peer review system

3.3. move towards paperless classroom environment

3.4. thinking about a Google site

3.5. can I rely on technology in my school to be working?

4. which blogging resources?

4.1. blogger

4.2. wordpress

4.3. weebly

4.4. Kidsblog

5. Library Blogs

5.1. promoting reading

5.2. contributors

5.3. content