Biz influences, Models & Lifestyle Design

Creative Independence Business Kick Start Map#2

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Biz influences, Models & Lifestyle Design by Mind Map: Biz influences, Models & Lifestyle Design

1. deciding on a biz model

1.1. service-partial

1.1.1. illustrator

1.1.2. programmer

1.1.3. designer

1.1.4. copy writer

1.1.5. freelance comic artist

1.1.6. photographer

1.1.7. pros: only do what you love/ markets your strengths

1.1.8. cons: limits base of clients to those who can assemble their own team

1.2. service-full

1.2.1. design, photography, content & printing

1.2.2. web design, SEO, content writing, & Hosting

1.2.3. ad agency: campaign concept, design, copy writing, photography for print & web

1.2.4. photography & design studio

1.2.5. pros: larger client base, variety of work,

1.2.6. cons: have to do many jobs, not all of which you will like

1.3. create and sell

1.3.1. novelists

1.3.2. comic book creators

1.3.3. software programs

1.3.4. instructional DVDs

1.3.5. children's books

1.3.6. daily cartoonists

1.3.7. art licensing

1.3.8. gallery artist

1.3.9. web design template

1.3.10. pros: do what you love, no clients, possibly no deadlines

1.3.11. cons: doing work you don't know will actually sell,

1.4. build audience and sell

1.4.1. television

1.4.2. magazines

1.4.3. radio

1.4.4. blogs

1.4.5. newspapers yankee flyer terryville/plymouth community news

1.4.6. podcasts

1.5. sales only

1.5.1. find a product/service & sell it

1.6. mix-n-match

1.6.1. yankee flyer ad sales service printer

1.6.2. 4 biz group website design 4 chamber biz

1.6.3. writers freelance assigments resell stories novel

1.6.4. artists art licensiing design assignments from licensing clients

2. thinking about the business

2.1. What interests me?

2.1.1. Entertainment

2.1.2. topics

2.1.3. hobbies

2.1.4. passions

2.2. What can I do?

2.2.1. What skills am I using in work now?

2.2.2. What skills have I used in work in the past?

2.2.3. What skills are related to what I do that I do not know but are within easy reach?

2.2.4. What skills do I use outside of work?

2.2.5. What hobbies do I have?

2.3. What do I know?

2.3.1. What do I know from work experience? industry specific information (rgb vs cmyk vs pantone) company specific information

2.3.2. What do I know from entertainment? best restaurants in the area best biking trails in the area how to play guitar

2.4. Who do I know?

2.4.1. Can I get advice?

2.4.2. Can I get expert opinions and insight?

2.4.3. Do I know any vendors?

2.4.4. Do I know any buyers?

2.5. Can I partner?

2.5.1. Spouse

2.5.2. Friend

2.5.3. Colleague

2.5.4. expert

3. Lifestyle Design

3.1. where do you want to work?

3.1.1. office?

3.1.2. home?

3.1.3. travel? travel a little? travel a lot? nationally? internationally?

3.2. how do you want to work?

3.2.1. casually

3.2.2. structured

3.3. how much do you want to work?

3.3.1. per day

3.3.2. per week

3.3.3. per month

3.3.4. per year

3.4. how much time to do you want off?

3.4.1. per week

3.4.2. per month

3.4.3. per year

3.5. where do you want to live?

3.5.1. one home?

3.5.2. multiple homes?

3.5.3. live where you play?

3.5.4. work AND live where you play?