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Trends in Journalism by Mind Map: Trends in Journalism
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Trends in Journalism

New storytelling formats

Snowfall-like projects


Atomisation of content

Journalism as structured data

Creating, searching, presenting, consuming this data?

Data journalism

Data visualisations

(Crowd-) source your own data

Standard tools and practices

Data journalism on mobile devices

Computational journalism

Responsive design

More devices, more screen sizes

Single column layout

Context-sensitive content

Mobile content creation

Responsive ads

Slow journalism

Long reads

Re-bundling content into magazines, ebooks

Real-time reporting

Live news reporting and gathering from various sources

Combine real-time with summaries, context, analysis

New data and content sources

Sensor networks

Internet of Things

Big Data


Google Glass


Paywall models

Sponsored content

Re-bundling of content

Real-time bidding on ads

Events and conferences

Grow globally or locally

Subsidies from non-journalism business

Foundation or donor funding

Content platforms

Networks of external contributors

"Platishers" (Platform + Publisher)

Content syndication via feeds and APIs

Community engagement

Social Media

Eye-witness reports

Paragraph annotations

Cross-platform curation

Error reporting and fact checking

Sentiment analysis

The death of the homepage

Every article as entry point to a site

Homepage as a moving stream of news items

Social layer

Personalisation based on history, interests, friends

Follow feature for stories, authors, topics


Use of smartphones, DSLRs

Web-first distribution (not TV)