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Climate Change in the Arctic by Mind Map: Climate Change
in the Arctic
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Climate Change in the Arctic



Human, Melting ice, New oil sources have been found, more oil, Shipping lanes have got larger, Reducing the amount of time it takes to get somewhere, Harbours can now be used throughout the winter, Business has increased in ILULISSAT, Zero unemployment

Physical, More forests, More absorption of Co2

Ecological, Warmer sea levels, more cod and prawns, Glaciers melting, exposing rich iron ore


Human, Permafrost is melting, Roads and houses are shifting, Costing lots of money to rebuild, Less snow, Husky sled racers suffer

Physical, Glaciers are melting, Flooding is becoming a large problem, People are having to move out of homes, Increasing coastal erosion, Houses are getting swept away by currents, where there used to be ice

Ecological, Less ice, Polar bears are eating less, Cubs are dying from malnutrition, Polar bear numbers are decreasing, Polar bears are moving into towns to feed, Humans are getting eaten instead, More parasites, hotter water temperatures YUKON RIVER, Salmon numbers are decreasing, Permafrost is melting, more lakes, less stable snow for snowboarding on, Less room for building, Warmer winters, Spruce bark beetles are not dying, Damaging 4 acres of forest



More fossil fuels being burnt, More greenhouses gases released into atmosphere, Increases the amount of sunlight absorbed by the earths atmosphere and therefore increases the temperature

New node


The Albedo effect

The Albedo effect is the melting of sea ice, this lowers the albedo meaning that less sunlight is reflected from the white surface fo the snow and more is absorbed by the land. This increased absorbed sunlight causes more sea ice to melt, causing a loop called the Ice Albedo feedback loop.

Black: Low albedo (forest) White: High albedo (ice)


The Arctic's surfaces reflects heats and cools the surface

Without the Arctic the world would be a lot hotter

The Arctic controls the worlds sea currents and keeps them under control

If the artic melts more raging storms could take place

There are 9 countries that are part of the Arctic

If it melted, then the these countries would be at serious risk of flooding and other major disasters

The Arctic contains very important foodwebs

If only one of the animals in it are made extinct, it would mess up all of the food webs

There are lots of different communities thaty exist on the Arctics ice

If it melted then many people would have to move away or be made homeless

The Arctic contains lots of frozen water

it is stabalising the sea levels