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Social Studies 8 WORLD VIEWS by Mind Map: Social Studies 8 WORLD VIEWS
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Social Studies 8 WORLD VIEWS

In what ways were the Age of Discovery and the rise of imperialism expressions of an expansionist worldview?

What is the Age of Discovery?

When was the Age of Discovery?

Who was involved with the Age of Discovery?

What is imperialism?

What is an expansionist worldview?

In what ways did thinkers and philosophers influence society in the development of a humanist worldview during the Renaissance?

Verb - Analyze

Elements of Worldviews

The good life: goals you strive for

Human nature: naturally good vs. naturally bad

Equality with others: Social Hierarchy

Responsibilities to others: Care for others or care for yourself

Relationship between the individual and the state: Collective rights and individual rights

Relationship with nature: Respect for nature

Sources of ethical wisdom: Religion, Science or Natural rights

Intercultural Contact

How these views are expressed by people living in different times and different places

Historical Thinking Skills

Past Societies

Self Reflection

Personal Worldview

Influences from Past Affecting the present

Current Events