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Access and Equity by Mind Map: Access and Equity
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Access and Equity

what if you were going to create a BYOD program at you own school

where to start

where is your school at, meet teachers where they are, who are the resistant ones, find a way to bring them in, think about framing (the linguistic cognitive domain), find teachers who are interested to collaborate maybe create a learning group?

create a policy, survey other policies to have teachers work together to create a local version?, write a draft document?

final project?, a plan to present to admin and staff, an example of the digital footprint of a classroom with BYOD, a survey or review of BYOD programs?

Pros of BYOD

Allows students to develop self-monitoring of technology skills, explicitly teach about digital footprint

Cons of BYOD


monitoring and management for classroom teachers, theft once we have confiscated it

increased distractibility

too much screen time, counter argument: plan is not to increase screen time overall but to replace a lab and the problems of limited lab access.

the discrepancy between amount of funding between school districts

how underpriviledge students can afford the technology

donation of old computers

assigning a borrowed device from the school to a student doesn't teach them to learn the digital citizenship aspects of having a personal device

will having a BYOD program solve the access problem?

what about the equity problem created amount students who can't afford a device?

will it create more social challenges?

Tech Departments

have computers locked down

union issues between techs and teachers, teachers are not allowed to download software ...

have outdated technology that will become obsolete if upgraded

developing a teacher driven tech plan within the district