Evernote 12 wk

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Evernote 12 wk by Mind Map: Evernote 12 wk

1. Pricing

1.1. $97?

1.2. Individual modules - $27-47

2. Promote

2.1. Webinars

2.1.1. Jv Natasha Marsha Geoff Bostroms Eric Dmc? Angela Lisa Linda Randi Hale Stella

2.1.2. 1/mo teaching webinar

2.1.3. Evernote

2.2. New Node

2.3. FB ads

3. Modules

3.1. 2 Note ?

3.1.1. Emailing to Evernote Where to find your email Changing your email What to use i for recepts event access registrations reservations program access How to use it triggers don't subscribe directy adding tags adding notebooks defaults to your Evernote default notebook (!inbox)

3.1.2. TWITTER TO EVERNOTE how to set it up When to use it

3.1.3. Accessing notes offline star on your iphone Prime - use offline notebooks

3.2. 4 Org notes with Evernote

3.2.1. TOC Note how to create whne to use

3.3. 5

3.4. 6

3.5. 7

3.6. 8

3.7. 9

3.8. 10

3.9. 11

3.10. 12

3.11. 1 - templates and reminders

3.11.1. templates for your to dos shopping lists financial info New Node working with clients inventory bonus template: notes for this moduleor another program New Node

3.11.2. reminders to do lists keep a backlog save todaily journal complete reminder when done what to use itfor what not to use for Keep th4em more visible by putting them in your inbox workflow reminder reply to an email research contact comeone shopping listt to keep a note on top,i.e. TOC note share with others? the reminder is per note and is attached to the notebook. If you share it with someone you will both get the reminder. No way currently to do one or the other or 'assign"a reminder to someone els view all reminders at once

3.11.3. bonus; how to create / access reminders of iphone /ipad

3.12. 3 automatic note creation

3.12.1. IFTTT (lifeline) share my IFTTTs Pinterest Instagram Foursquare Email specifi

3.12.2. Zapier paid

3.12.3. Uses lifeline travel record accessing notes offline Having a clear picture of your likes, RTs or pins for future reference