Group 1

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Group 1 by Mind Map: Group 1

1. Diction

1.1. This advertisement trying to say that it provides people with the right jobs. "Life's too short for the wrong job" shows that we must find the right job that brings us happiness and not stress as life is too short to worry so much. Hence, the advertisement states that the website will guide an individual to his perfect job which will bring him happiness and allow him to enjoy the short life.

2. Emotion

2.1. The man looks frustrated at the amount of work he has to do. He needs to multitask to meet the expectation of the job, meaning he is too stressed out by the job. The crammed space with so many objects gives a claustrophobic sensation which does not appeal to anyone who is working. It also makes the audience feel like doing this job leaves them no more time for doing anything else?

3. Symbolism

3.1. His clothes seem dirty and stained. He is wearing a white shirt which symbolizes cleanliness and youth. Since it is stained, it shows that he has no time to make sure that he is clean and tidy but rather focus too much on his work. It also shows that he is losing his youth, symbolized by the stains on the white shirt, to the job. His tie is grey which shows how sad he is about his job and that it does not interest him.

3.2. The sign is under a red color frame which suggests passion and desire. Therefore, it is trying to tell the audience that they can find their desired jobs, or their passion if they visit the websites.

3.3. The machine is used to show the unfavorable working condition/environment because all his things are kept in a messy manner.

3.4. He looks very cramped in this currant workspace. From this we can imply that, he is taking up a job that many people may not be willing to work.

3.5. The coffee mug shows that he is trying to stay awake and requires the help of caffeine to stay awake.

3.6. Furthermore, the presence of toiletries like toothbrush shows that he needs to even carry out his daily activities at home and that he does not have enough time for due to his demanding job.

3.7. He is constantly giving money as part of his job of the ATM. The people on the receiving end are happy when they receive the money whereas is the doing the difficult and tiring job that is causing him to sweat. The man looks like commoner who seems to be like society’s stereotype of an employee who has a physically or manually demanding job but is under paid.