YAC focus group

Three idea brain storms

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YAC focus group by Mind Map: YAC focus group

1. Group one topic ideas

1.1. Local service map for YACs

1.1.1. including pics/ contact details Sub Idea 1

1.2. Info on different illnesses

1.2.1. Sign-post to external help (doctors etc) pics/video

1.2.2. fact-sheets mental health home issues carers' rights letter templates etc! video tutorials

1.2.3. Quiz game to improve intelligence/ provide help on certain illnesses - based on age groups audio pics

1.3. Community

1.3.1. member of the week pics/ video of work done

1.3.2. updates on work from yacs mainly image sharing video info too!

1.3.3. chat forums video chat create your own chat rooms ask a professional/ or other YACs for advice advice "how to" videos from professionals Anti-bullying page video tutorials

1.3.4. Location-specific content - whole website adapts to user login

1.3.5. personal inbox/email settings - ability to "friend" or pen-pal people like social media highly customisable profiles - avatars, text/ colours/ emoticons etc but good privacy settings!

1.3.6. Feedback pages

2. Group two ideas

2.1. How to/ advice tab

2.1.1. How to leave home, go to uni etc videos! text - short and simple - pics or video/audio work best

2.1.2. links to job sites/ opportunities uni/ college, higher ed. upcoming open days apprenticeships

2.1.3. links to healthy living websites

2.1.4. bullying helpline

2.1.5. Helpline button benefits etc links to easy to use external sites emotional support live chat ask a question Like FRANK website with 24/7 live chat/answers

2.2. Events

2.2.1. days out!

2.2.2. updates from individual services on what they're doing pics and videos! facebook links news feed updates from meetings positive outcomes etc

2.3. rewards!

2.3.1. discount vouchers e.g. practical - driving lessons etc linked to relevant social activities

2.3.2. prize draws cinema tickets

2.4. Talk to other YACs

2.4.1. watch video & clips from other YAC events photos of progress events/ days outs

3. Group three ideas

3.1. Success stories

3.1.1. Photo diaries

3.1.2. art

3.1.3. audio

3.1.4. video

3.1.5. poetry

3.2. Who I care for

3.2.1. split up types of caring roles/ responsibilities

3.2.2. peer support blog + chatroom

3.2.3. info on specific condition of cared for person

3.3. My health

3.3.1. how to make life easier - recipies/ lifestyle etc

3.3.2. split between physical/mental health conditions interactive picture/diagrams of body (for pains) video too? video tutorials - manual handling etc

3.3.3. emergency advice

3.3.4. relationships

3.4. A "Get Involved" section

3.4.1. fundraising ideas

3.4.2. where is my local carers centre/ respite?

3.4.3. Online steering group - pose a question that can be answered by YACs to direct future of site

3.5. My future page

3.5.1. education section - applying to uni etc

3.5.2. Help info on rights, benefits, employment, housing, legal advice etc templates that let you insert details e.g. CV template how to write a complaint/appeal letter interactive quizes feeding down to information (make it fun) carers assessment - how do I get one Online web chats

3.6. Filtering process throughout!